Next Gen Automated Recruitment Platform Leveraging AI and Blockchain Technology

Ispolink is a cutting-edge matchmaking platform that is designed to address one of the most fundamental challenges nowadays: sourcing top talents.

The Solution

Ispolink is next gen blockchain and AI-based recruitment platform for tech professionals. We empower businesses to source the best IT and Blockchain engineers globally by offering a full cycle recruitment solution which streamlines and simplifies the hiring process. Ispolink is the first recruitment platform that creates a full-fledged decentralized ecosystem in which organizations can purchase hiring services instantly and reliably with a native cryptocurrency.

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Key Features

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Machine Learning

We use Machine Learning to match the best candidate for your business

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Built-in Crypto Payments

You can pay for all hiring services with native cryptocurrency

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Verified Education

We verify the authenticity of degrees on the Blockchain

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Instant Feedback

Instant Feedback to applicants which means no more waiting, no more stress and no poor experience

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Employer Branding

Get acquainted with company’s values, brand, culture and accomplishments

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Automated CV Screening

We save you valuable resources by automating the screening process



Our core mission is to help business find loyal and dedicated employees, meanwhile ensuring high employee satisfaction and alignment with company's value, working environment and career prospects.


We aim to transform the obsolete and cumbersome recruitment processes leveraging disruptive technologies, combined with a distinctive and innovative approach towards attracting the very best talents.

The Team

Emanuil Pavlov Co-founder & CEO
Nikolay Pavlov Co-founder & CTO
Barry Teoh Blockchain Developer
Jens Gantz Creative UX/UI Director
Songxun Zhao Front End Developer
Desislava Miroslavova HR Advisor

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Ispolink has begun building the blockchain based product that will bring value to businesses saving them considerable time and resources. We are actively seeking partners to join us and try out our solution.
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Ispolink is interested in hearing from sophisticated investors who desire becoming a part of the automated job matching platform of the future, which will yield significant trace in changing the HR industry.
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